Hello everyone!

This is the tumblr page for Lafayette’s McCutcheon High School GSA (Gay Straight Alliance). Which is currently run by Sylar Wallace.
On this page you will see a few things.

  • People will be allowed to ask any questions they have, anonymous or not. Rather it be something they had over the days topic that they didn’t want to say out loud, certian dates, or just about GSA in general.
  • You will be able to suggest ideas or topics you may think of, which will help us leaders out greatly.
  • You can always submit things you’d like to share. Rather it be news that has been happening, ideas, photos, or sharing events. All submits are welcome.
  • I Sylar, will be posting overviews of each day. So that if you missed something, a recap will be on here.
  • And many other things will be posted.

This tumblr will be more active next year when we start of new. Don’t forget to inform your friends next year about us. And hopefully if we get enough members, we’ll be able to do way more things!

Also, All hate will be deleted. So if you put it in the ask box, it wont be answered. So I wouldn’t waste your time.